All new clients are required to book for an initial consultation, when a fully detailed physiological assessment is made. The appointment lasts for 1½ hour, and will include approximately a 1-hour treatment. Some issues such as minor ankle wrist and shoulder injuries, follow up treatments of only 30 minutes are required. Major issues require follow up treatments of 1hour plus.

For the initial consultation, its advisable to bring a tee-shirt, and a pair of shorts or leggings, for comfort.

To book an appointment, just log on to the “BOOK NOW”, page and choose a time that’s convenient. Please leave a brief note explaining the reason for treatment.

New Client / Initial Consultation – Includes 60 Minute Treatment1 hr. 30 mins.£40.00
Massage Therapy / Aromatherapy – Soft Tissue Mobilisation1 hour£40.00
Massage Therapy / Aromatherapy – Soft Tissue Mobilisation1 hr. 30 mins.£55.00
Massage Therapy / Aromatherapy – Soft Tissue Mobilisation2 hours£70.00
Kinesiology Taping / Free with any of the above treatments£10.00
Mobil Treatment Times
Tuesday7:30am – 20:30 pm
Wednesday7:30am – 20:30 pm
Thursday7:30am – 20:30 pm
Friday7:30am – 20:30 pm
Saturday7:30 am – 20:30 pm
Sunday & Mondayby arrangement only