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Functional Fitness

Don’t Surf to get fit, get fit to surf, surfing is a demanding sport, so you need a lot of power to be able to balance, manoeuvre quickly, and coordinate movements. Elite surfers put in a lot of time and effort to strengthen and condition their bodies. Cross Fit is an ideal fitness regime as it is also functional fitness for everyday living. It can elevate your surfing skills to a whole new level.

Cross Fit conditions your body so you are ready the next time a swell delivers those perfect waves. Developing a high level of functional fitness by practicing Cross Fit will immensely improve your surfing ability in the following ways:

1. Increasing Endurance

Make endurance your priority so you can hang in the surf all day, strength without endurance, means less time riding waves. Unlike regular weight training Cross Fit addresses all areas of fitness, including stamina, cardiovascular fitness, muscles strength, quickness, balance, and dexterity. There are elements of weightlifting in Cross Fit, but exercise drills are more functional. Cross Fit is an all round body conditioning workout that rigorously changes every day. Cross Fit participation means you perform a varied set of drills, continually challenging yourself, and working different muscles every time you train.

2. Increasing agility and mobility

Pumping iron at a regular gym will strengthen your body, and bulk up muscle. Howeverstrength alone will not improve your surfing ability and endurance. Surfing also requires flexibility, mobility, and agility to follow the curves and turns of the waves. Cross Fit trains all areas of fitness; mobility and agility as part of the regime. New comers to Cross Fit will notice a change in mobility in as little as three weeks.

3. Strength

Cleans, Jerks, and Snatches will improve shoulder and arm strength for paddling and duck diving. Plyo-push ups prepare arms and chest muscles to move quickly and powerfully to launch your body into position on the board.

Kettle bell lunges or air squats will make give your quads and hip flexors the power to generate explosive push power for pop ups, and manoeuvring the board.

4. Balance

Balance is a very important aspect of surfing, for a successful and flowing ride. In order to remain upright on a moving object, which is after all what a surfboard is, means you will be continuously and adjusting your position to keep the board in trim.

Balance is achieved by using both core and stabilizing muscles. Some of the Cross Fit routines that will work stabilizing and core muscles are Walking Handstands, Pistol Squats and the Frog Stand.

5. Confidence

With Great Strength And Mobility That Cross fit Provides, Comes Confidence and a calm mind-set.



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