Sport Therapy St. Ives

At Sport Therapy St. Ives, during your first consultation, we will take a comprehensive medical history, that takes into account your lifestyle, level of physical activity, work environment, nutritional intake, along with any related medical history. In order to compile an effective treatment plan, we will focus on the mechanisms that are causing your problem. During the consultation, your posture, movement, and gait will assessed. Your gate, range of movement and flexibility will be measured to establish a base line, from which to gauge treatment progression.

The initial consultation will last for up to one hour, followed with treatment of thirty to forty-five minutes. During consultation or treatment, the client may withdraw at any time without any further obligation. Sport Therapy Saint Ives, will not undertake any treatment, unless the condition is fully understood. If for any reason, treatment by Sport Therapy St. Ives is not suitable for the client, they will be referred to another health or medical professional.

While attending the physical examination, it would be ideal for clients to wear shorts and loose fitting tee shirt.

Your treatment plan

After diagnosing the cause of your condition Sport Therapy St. Ives will propose a treatment program which may consist of one or more of the following techniques:

Postural assessment, correction and advice

  • Massage
  • Mobilisation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Functional and Rehabilitative exercise programme

The work we do has both strong physiological and psychological benefits. Massage can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, therefor improving the immune system. Also just as important, it has been shown that massage therapy helps to improve the perceived fatigue level of the athlete. By helping a client to feel more recovered, they are able to generate more power in repeated exercise tests.

Who can benefit

Sport Rehabilitation St. Ives is available to anyone living and working in the St. Ives area. Clients with work related or sport related conditions and common complaints such as back, shoulder and wrist pain, as well as mobility problems, can benefit from treatment. Clients include professional and amateur sports people, and accident victims. Some treatments can be resolved in one visit, but more long term or chronic ailments may need repeated visits.¬†For an appointment, go to the “BOOK NOW” page, and choose a convenient time.