Sport Massage Redruth

Sport Massage

Sport Massage Redruth, by Essential Therapy provides treatments for sport or work-related conditions, including muscular, joint or tendon pain. Treatment aims focus on pain, mobility and/or, postural problems in order to enable clients return to full functionality, regardless of their age, gender, sport or ability. Clients may include professional and amateur sportspeople, people who keep fit for fun, and accident victims. Assessments are made of the client’s readiness to return to their chosen activity or occupation, deciding whether clients need extra treatments and coordinating referrals to other practitioners.

Sport Massage Redruth, offers treatments the addition of Essential Oils, to improve not only physical health but also cognitive performance. Essential Oil massage is used in both pre-and post workout and competition, to improve performance, and minimize the chance of injury.

Certain chemical components play an important part in relieving the effects of lactic acid, muscle cramping and over-exerted muscles. Generally, the more essential oil in a blend, the more stimulating it will be; whereas lower concentrations of essential oil will be more relaxing.

Injuries such as sprains, strains and bruises are common in daily life, as well as sports. Many essential oils are powerful healers of skin, muscle and connective tissue. Several well-known oils have strong anti-inflammatory properties, and contain safe varieties of ‘ketones’, which signal the regeneration of tissue. On top of that, there’s the stress-relieving ‘aromatherapy’ aspect, which can further enhance motivation and concentration. For all your pain management and injury rehabilitation issues, contact Essential Therapy, and choose a convenient time.

Pain Management

I use a holistic approach to assess and treat each patient individually.  Rather than just focus on treating the presenting symptom, I will look to identify structural and functional changes within the spine and peripheral joints. Environment stress, and physical traumas can disrupt the central nervous system (CNS) leading to musculoskeletal and internal organ disorders.

The methods I use, that help to identify these changes, then determines which techniques I use to alleviate the symptoms of pain while improving physical function.  The modalities I use are relaxing and gentle and are suitable for a wide range of ailments, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and insomnia.