Sport Massage Hayle

Sport Massage Hayle,  provides sport rehabilitation therapy for sport and work related injury and pain. Treatments include, injury rehabilitation, pain management and sports physical therapy.

Sport Massage Hayle provides patients with the greatest potential for recovery from work or sport related injury and/or underlying dysfunction. As proprietor, of Essential Therapy I am a qualified Sport Rehabilitation Therapist, with fourteen years experience with manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription. Through proper evaluation and assessment our therapists determine the appropriate course of rehabilitation for each individual. This will include manual therapy, postural re-education, body and movement mechanics training, therapeutic exercise and sports specific exercise training.

Sport Massage Hayle provides more than the injury or dysfunction remedies.  We equip clients with a foundation for future wellness and injury prevention. In addition to addressing an individual's physical therapy needs, we implement emotional well-being strategies as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Essential Therapies commitment to empowering our clients during their program is also integral to their success.

Sport Rehabilitation and pain management strategies for Hayle clients,  includes such techniques as:- deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy and remedial massage for recovery from physical and mental fatigue.

Sport Therapy Hayle services provide:

Dedicated personalized care with qualified therapist
Convenient appointment times for treatment sessions
Pre & Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Spinal (cervical, thoracic and low back) Rehabilitation and Stabilization
General Musculoskeletal & Sports Rehabilitation
Relief from Migraine & Headache
Postural Dysfunction & Overuse Injury Rehabilitation
Post-surgery gait training
Orthotic Assessment & Evaluation
Biomechanical analysis for your chosen sport
Ergonomic Assessment

Sport Massage Hayle also provides advise on Fitness Training:

Whether your goals include general fitness, healthy weight loss or a return to elite level sport and/or outdoor activity, we can provide you with the knowledge and instruction to be successful.  You can return to your previous or higher level of fitness safely. For an appointment, go to the "BOOK NOW" page, and choose a convenient time.