Metabolic Waste

Essential Oil Blends

Metabolic waste are substances produced during the excretory process. The chemical components of some Essential oils, have the ability to mitigate the formation of metabolic waste that trigger the nerve endings, which initiate a pain response. This is important because, metabolic waste interacts with free nerve endings surrounding the micro-damaged muscle fibers, manifesting in pain and stiffness, (Malm et al, 2004)). Neutrophils and macrophages migrate to the site of injury, producing free radicals that intensify the pain and the swelling from exudates contributes to sensitizing nociceptors, (Butler and Moseley, 2003). The certain blends of Essential Oils assist the circulatory system, by improving the venous return and lymphatic recycling. A research study found that massage assisted in the recovery of diastolic blood pressure after high-intensity exercise to pre-exercise levels (Herbert 2014).

Essential Oil Blend Examples

Vetiver – Nerve tonic

Grapefruit – Aids in Lymphatic function

Helichrysum – Cytophalic

Black Pepper – Antidioxant, improves circulation

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