Sport Massage Penzance offers a combination of holistic therapy (aromatherapy), instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM) and sport massage therapy, and to reduce fatigue from sport or work related activity.

Essential Therapy treatments, reduce recovery time from injury, and strengthen the immune system, enabling a quicker return to work or sporting activity.


Holistic Therapy

At Sports Massage Penzance we take a holistic approach in our treatments which are a fusion of soft tissue treatments that include, Aromatherapy, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation for rehabilitation from physical activity and work-related injuries. Essential Therapy offers pain management strategies for a variety of painful conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendinitis.

Deep Tissue & Sport Massage

Sports Massage is a process that utilizes a variety of methods, including Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial, Muscle Energy, and Active Release Techniques. The focus of treatment areas will depend on the client’s requirement (e.g. acute or chronic injury, relief of inflammation or swelling from an injury, restoration of tight muscles).

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a well-known form of bodywork that uses therapeutic Essential Oils for promoting homeostasis and inducing relaxation to the entire body. Increasingly used by top athletes around the world, sports massage with essential oils plays an important part in preparing muscles pre and post-exercise.

Essential oils’ medicinal value goes beyond just “warm-up” and “cool down” rubs. In many sports, essential oil properties are indispensable in the treatment of bruises, strains, and sprains. Essential oils are powerful healers of skin, muscle, and connective tissue. Many oils are known to have strong anti-inflammatory action and contain certain molecules, which precipitate the regeneration of tissue.

Aromatherapy can be a supportive measure in a healthy eating regime. For clients looking to reduce body mass, it may be a matter of detoxification, speeding up the metabolism, or addressing an imbalance in the body.  Essential oils can help the individual to get to the root cause of excess body fat by supporting the proper liver, kidney, thyroid, and endocrine system functions. Personal weight management blends can be made with essential oils that have diuretic, appetite suppressant, digestive, detoxifying, and anti-anxiety qualities.

Aromatherapy further enhances the physical healing process, by reducing mental stress. A positive attitude can go a long way toward staying healthy. An athlete may be in peak physical condition, but if the mind becomes stressed, this can lead to illness. Aromatherapy blends can restore composure, by balancing emotions.

Changes in physical condition affect the mental and emotional state and vice versa. Muscular aches and pains can disturb concentration, and anxiety causes muscle tension that interferes with fluid or graceful movement. Due to the link with the emotional centers of the brain, the effect of Essential Oils can leave an impression for a lifetime.


Table Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a renowned and dynamic form of massage, that uses applied yoga techniques. The style of Thai Yoga Massage we use at Essential Therapy Penzance has been adapted from the traditional system. Instead of using a mat or futon on the floor, we use a regular massage table. The intention of the Thai Massage Therapist is to stimulate energy flow and clear any blockages.

The main difference between Thai Yoga Massage and Sports Massage is there are no oils used and the client remains fully clothed. However, there is the option to include oils in the Thai Foot Massage treatment.

Thai Massage improves muscle elasticity and muscle tone. The result is a feeling of increased muscle control, flexibility, comfort and joint range of motion. The treatment revitalizes the circulatory system, calms the nerves and relieves pain.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation or Simply IASTM is a relatively new method of physical therapy, which enables clinicians to efficiently locate and treat clients diagnosed with soft tissue lesions. The technique itself is said to be derived from an Orthodox Chinese Medicine called Gua Sha. Gua Sha was traditionally applied along meridians to remove stagnant or negative energy from the body. Now that Gua Sha has been adopted in the western form as IASTM, it has become an effective and efficient modality in treating musculoskeletal dysfunction.

IASTM is performed with ergonomically designed instruments that detect and treat fascial restrictions or adhesions, encourage rapid healing response and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis, chronic inflammation, or degeneration.

The instruments are designed to introduce a controlled microtrauma to affected soft tissue structures and cause the stimulation of local inflammatory response. Microtrauma initiates reabsorption of fibrotic tissue or excessive scar tissue and facilitates a cascade of healing activities resulting in the re-modeling of affected soft tissue structures. Adhesions that have formed as a result of surgery, immobilization, repeated strain or other mechanisms, are broken down allowing full functional restoration to occur.

IASTM is non-invasive, with its own indications and limitations. As with any physical therapy treatment, successful recovery may require an appropriate home exercise program.