Essential Therapy, provides a service for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Clients with sport, accident or work-related ailments and common muscular complaints such as back, shoulder and wrist pain, as well as mobility and, postural problems can be treated. Essential Therapy facilitates clients to return to full functionality, regardless of their age, gender, sport or ability. Clients may include professional or amateur sportspeople, people who keep fit for health and wellness. Assessments are made of the client’s readiness to return to their chosen activity or occupation, deciding whether clients need referring to other medical or therapy practitioners.

The main aims of treatment of Essential Therapy are to loosen contracted, shortened muscles and stimulate weak, flaccid muscles, increase mobility and range of motion. Essential Therapy is about “balancing” the body to improve posture and promote more efficient limber movement. Massage may also reduce constricted skin to become softer and suppler.

Massage treatments are offered with or without the addition of Essential Oils. Essential Therapy only use, pure therapeutic grade oils that oxygenate the cells and with regular use, contribute to recovery from exercise-induced fatigue, and greatly increases energy levels. Since most oils are antibacterial as well, they offer a certain amount of protection from airborne toxicity, foods and the general environment.”

Essential Therapy provides a variety of methods for soft tissue rehabilitation and relaxation, from Swedish massage, essential oil massage, deep tissue massage, and IASTM.  The options can range from; 30 minute sessions – focused on a specific body area, with a short-term duration; 45 to 60 minute sessions – no particular focus; 60 to 90 minute sessions – maintenance or relaxation.

Essential Therapy would like to influence your perception of therapy as a form of self-care, as opposed to an obligatory function. Massage therapy is another tool to help you in whatever goals you are pursuing in the realm of wellness. For an appointment, go to the “BOOK NOW” page, and choose a convenient time.

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